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Generate Leads

Actionable Programs

Forget about writing blog posts and and creating youtube videos that are almost impossible for people to put into practice in the real world.

Create actionable guided exercises and structured programs and engaging reference that people can actually use.

Record video exercises for fitness programs or audio exercises for relaxation or changing habits. Whatever your area of expertise simply record the exercises, upload them to MindRazr and make them exclusively available to your customers via your own branded mobile or web app.

Build Engagement

Engage and retain.

MindRazr's reporting tools provide valuable insights into which of your content is being used most, which content is most engaging and which content is most effective.

Create new exercises and programs as needed to keep expanding and differentiating your product offering. Use our cutting edge solution to engage, retain and grow your customer base in an already overcrowded market. 

Make your business stand out from the crowd whilst helping your customers achieve better health outcomes.


Grow Your Profile

Grow your business

Take your skills and expertise into the digital age, without the exorbitant cost of building your own technology.

Create your own exercises, programs and content and upload them to the MindRazr platform for the exclusive use of your customers. 

You can also share or sell premium content that you create (exercises and programs) with individuals and organisations around the world, via the MindRazr platform.



How can your business use mindrazr?

1. Create

You know your customers and patients better than anyone. Use your knowledge and expertise to create content specific to their needs and tastes and make it available direct to their mobile or desktop.

We can help you create audio and video content efficiently and cost effectively that can be updated for your customers and patients in real time.

Keep your customers engaged with your business at all times, using the MindRazr platform to help them incorporate your exercises into their daily routine.

Make your knowledge and expertise available to your customers at all times, on demand. 

2. Share

You control who has access to your content. You can make it available exclusively to your customer base, managing access to it via the MindRazr platform.

Alternatively you can grow your customer base by making your content visible to individuals around the world, looking to use great content like yours with their own music, as part of their own wellbeing program.

MindRazr also offers the ability to build new revenue streams from your expertise, without geographic limitations, by making premium content available for purchase and use in the platform.

3. Measure

Monitor which content is being used, when it is being used and which content is most effective.

Get real, actionable feedback, from people who are actively incorporating your content into their daily lives.

Our cloud based infrastructure also makes it easy to update content that customers are able to access via the app, in real time.

MindRazr helps your customers and patients get continued benefit from your expertise, even if you aren't with them face to face. Our reporting tools help you understand your customers needs and their engagement with your content, enabling to respond quickly and effectively

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