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healthcare organisations

MindRazr enables Healthcare Organisations to provide personalised health care solutions for Clients and Patients. MindRazr uses the cognitive and emotional power of music and the ingrained nature of music listening habits to increase User engagement with programs and treatments, enabling them to discreetly incorporate the activities into their daily routine.

It can deliver any type of audio and video content and provides real-time feedback loops showing aggregated user activity,  program engagement and logged emotional states over time. 


improving user engagment

You know your Clients and Patients best and already have effective programs and treatment in place for them. MindRazr simply helps make those programs and treatments more accessible and thefore more effective for Users by moving them out of the clinical setting. By adapting existing programs to audio and video formats which can be delivered alongside music of their choosing, your Clients and Patients are better equipped to build new and sustainable habits around health and wellbeing, in their own time and space.

cloud-based flexibility

MindRazr is cloud-based, thereby enabling your Organisation to respond to the data collected in real-time. Programs and exercises can be easily edited and updated remotely, in response to the data collected. Updating content takes seconds and once uploaded to the platform is immediately available to Users via your customised version of the MindRazr App.

Personalised Healthcare Solutions

Your Organisation can create and deliver high level content at the program level, or deliver more targeted content designed for Patient sub-sets or even individuals. Users then customise their sessions, combining content from their treatment programs with the music that best works for them, whether that is CBT with Radiohead or physiotherapy to Mozart.

Supports diverse needs

 MindRazr is incredibly flexible and scalable and can deliver content from multiple units within your Healthcare Organisation, with content customised to the specific needs of patient groups or even individuals. 


MindRazr can be also be customised to enable Organisation's to deliver culturally sensitive programs such as Indigenous and non-English speaking healthcare initatives.

Complete & customisable.

MindRazr can be "white labelled" according to the needs of your Organisation. This means the branding of the App, it's colour scheme and appearance, the images used and the audio and video delivered can all be customised according to your needs.

This enables the design of the App and the content delivered to be designed to meet the very specific needs of intended user groups. 

By adjusting the design and content to meet the diverse needs of different User groups, Healthcare Organisations are able to avoid traditional top down "One size fits all" approaches to mental and physical wellbeing iniatives.

actionable data on program engagement and effectiveness

MindRazr unobtrusively collects real-time data around program engagement and effectiveness that can be difficult to collect via traditional methods.

It provides insight into User engagement with your programs and treatments, showing when Users are accessing your content, how often they use it and how highly they rate it. 

MindRazr can also help monitor the effectiveness of the programs being delivered by providing aggregated data on User's self-reported emotional or physical states both pre and post session, on a given date or over a period of time.


The nexus between Mental and Physical health is key to MindRazr and has been built into it's design.  MindRazr has also been designed to make it easy for Organisation's of all sizes to collect actionable research data  and provides the tools to help adapt or adjust programs in a timely and cost effective manner.
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The MIME Studio

The "MIME Studio" (for mindfully integrative music experice) delivers content of a primarily cognitive and/emotional nature and is particularly suited to CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and other behaviour modification treatments.



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The "BodyRazr" section delivers content primarily focused on physical exercise and therapies and is suited to fitness and general exercise programs as well as physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs.



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Agency Portal

Organisation's can manage User access remotely via the MindRazr Agency portal as well as monitor User activity. Organisations can also build and download customised reports which not only assist with monitoring programs but can be used as an unobtrusive and cost-effective tool for conducting research.