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Unleash the power of music.
Empower wellbeing.
Optimise health.

At MindRazr, we’ve created the World's first digital music, health and wellbeing platform, that harnesses the power of music to make you healthier and happier.

From the MindRazr App, you can access a comprehensive toolkit of physical and mental guided audio exercises and seamlessly combine them with your favourite music to build your own unique sessions.

Streamed directly to your mobile device, MindRazr enables you to unlock the power of your favourite music. Improving your health and creating a listening experience that will make you fall in love with your favourite tunes all over again. 

Integrating the exercises you want, with the music you love... it’s like having a personal wellbeing coach and DJ at your finger-tips.

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Music should be more than just background noise in the daily grind. MindRazr helps you unlock the cognitive and emotional benefits that can be gained from listening to your favourite music, with full focus and awareness. 
Learn how to combine your favourite music with audio exercises to help improve your wellbeing. Build your own customised sessions that will not only help you reconnect with your favourite music but also help you reduce stress, improve your mental performance and enhance your wellbeing.
Find out how to cut through the noise and hear the music once again. 


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The MindRazr platform also enables you to build your own customised sessions for your physical health and wellbeing.
Choose from a extensive and ever growing range of exercises for your physical wellbeing ranging from yoga to high intensity interval workouts, as well as exercises for changing habits and behaviours such as eating, drinking and smoking. 
Find out how you can unlock the power of your favourite music to improve your physical health and wellbeing.




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Music is the key to health and wellbeing. Our love of music is lifelong and transcends all ages and cultures. Music contains our memories and emotions and is one of the most prevalent and enjoyable ways we use to regulate our emotions. However too often our love of music is hijacked by advertisers or drowned out of the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Re-connect and re-engage with your favourite music and tap in the the cognitive and emotional power that your favourite music has, whether it is Mozart or Metallica. The MindRazr platform has the key to make you fall in love with your favourite music once again, and help improve your physical and mental wellbeing in the process.