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MindRazr is a truly innovative digital health and wellbeing platform, that harnesses the power of music to help people become healthier and happier. From the MindRazr mobile and web applications users have access to a comprehensive toolkit of physical and mental guided audio and video exercises to support both their mental and physical wellbeing. 

unique, enjoyable & effective

  • Comprehensive toolkit of audio and video exercises for mental and physical wellbeing
  • Users can create uniquely customised "sessions" combining guided exercises with music of their choice.
  • Build your own catalogue of customised sessions to use any time via our mobile and web applications




With MindRazr, your employees can completely customise their own wellbeing program in an enjoyable, effective and measurable way.

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Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities

Cost-effective and customisable solutions to help improve the health and wellbeing of both School and University students as well as staff

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Aged Care & Health

MindRazr offers innovative solutions for aged care and health care providers with bespoke solutions for healthy ageing and dementia programs.Find out more



Music should be more than just background noise in the daily grind. MindRazr helps you unlock the cognitive and emotional benefits that can be gained from listening to your favourite music.



Choose from a extensive and ever growing range of exercises for your physical wellbeing ranging from yoga to high intensity interval workouts to help you to build better lifestyle habits.



Music contains our memories and emotions and is one of the most prevalent and enjoyable tools we use to regulate our emotions. Re-connect and re-engage with your favourite music and tap in the cognitive and emotional power that your favourite music holds.




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Strategic partner

MindRazr and the Applied Psychology Learning Institute (APPLI) have partnered to offer best practice digital health and wellbeing programs. The Appli Team are global experts in wellbeing science and practice, bringing together highly respected business leaders, industry experts, scientists, psychologists, innovative thinkers and passionate educators to revolutionise the application of wellbeing science.

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