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Wellbeing Solutions For Aged Care Providers

Aged Care Wellbeing

MindRazr is a simple and effective tool to support the wellbeing of both aged care customers and the amazing staff who care for them. MindRazr has a range of wellbeing solutions for aged care providers of all sizes, suitable for all budgets and technological capabilities.

We are passionate about supporting the wellbeing of people living within aged care and especially those with dementia. Our platform and capabilities are unique, enabling us to provide both personalised solutions for aged care customers as well as engaging and insightful solutions for staff.

Care Assistant

Supporting Aged Care Employees

To provide the best care, you need your amazing staff feeling happy, well and rested. Tired, stressed and unhappy employees can have a broader impact on both morale and performance.  Poor staff wellbeing can not only have an impact on the care provided by individual staff members, but can also lead to disengagement, absenteeism and  increased staff turnover 

Our platform provides employees with a powerful toolkit to help improve their happiness, wellbeing and sleep. 

By investing in the wellbeing of your employees you not only help them to provide the best care they can to your customers, you also help them to learn important skills to help them thrive outside of work.


Supporting Aged Care Customers

MindRazr has a large catalogue of audio and video content to support the mental and physical wellbeing of your valued customers. We also create truly personalised videos to support the happiness and wellbeing of people living in aged care or with dementia. Our unique and beautiful videos combine the benefits of positive reminiscence with personally meaningful music and personalised messages of love and support from family and friends. Our videos are a lovely way to support the happiness and wellbeing of your loved one even when you can't be there with them.

Our videos can also be customised to help support the specific behavioural and emotional needs of people living with dementia.

Total Wellbeing

Mind. Body. Sleep.

MindRazr has been creating innovative wellbeing solutions for Australians since 2015.   MindRazr has a large catalogue of guided audio and video content to support mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing and sleep.


Sleep Well

With our relaxing guided exercises, soothing soundscapes, delightfully boring stories and peaceful playlists.


Stress Less

With exercises for managing stress, improving mental fitness, unlocking happiness, changing habits and increasing resilience.


Move Well

With workouts, stretching programs, desk exercises, yoga and pilates.

Try Free. Launch Fast.



Get in contact so we can tell you a bit more about the platform and our unique solutions to support the wellbeing of both customers and staff.

Free Trial & Analysis

If you like what you see and want to trial the platform for free with your staff and/or customers, we'll customise the apps based on your requirements and let you trial the platform for free.

We can also arrange to demonstrate or even create some of our personalised wellbeing videos for your customers.

At the end of the trial we'll analyse the data and provide you with some great insight into the wellbeing of your staff and/or customers.

Let's Go!

We're confident that after the trial you will want to continue working with us and we know we will be able to deliver something amazing regardless of size or budget. But there is absolutely no obligation and no hard feelings if you choose not to. Let's stay in contact. We're always happy to make new friends with great organisations looking to support the wellbeing of Australians in aged care and the amazing people who care for them.

Let's talk!

Arrange a Demo & Free Trial

If you would like more information or to arrange a demonstration or free trial for your organisation, please get in contact.