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MindRazr is completely customisable and can be adapted to suit the needs and tastes of your employees and your organisation. MindRazr can be adapted to your existing wellbeing program to help improve outcomes and help improve the return on the investment you've already made in the wellbeing of your workplace.

We can work with you and your existing wellbeing program providers and/or consultants to create bespoke content specifically designed for the need of your employees.

Our Apps can also be customised to reflect your Organisation's branding, message and content.



Persistenly low employee engagement is critical problem for most employee wellbeing programs, particularly traditional EAP programs.

MindRazr is different because it is completely personalised. Employees choose content they WANT to use, depending on what they are doing and how they are feeling. Empower your employees to enhance their wellbeing by fully customising their own program according to their own needs and tastes.



Wellbeing programs can be difficult to monitor and it can be problematic trying to measure the effectiveness of initiatives. MindRazr has powerful in-built reporting tools that allow to you gain insights into your wellbeing programs that you've never had before. For example you can monitor which content is actually being used in session, when it is being used, how highly is it rated by your employees and how effective it is to them.

MindRazr can also provide aggregated and anonymised reporting, strictly adhering to privacy laws and employee permissions, that can allow you to report on the mental and physical wellbeing of your workplace over time.