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For Health & Wellbeing Experts

Join our tribe of wellbeing experts, health scientists and medical specialists to change the nature of wellbeing. We can help you easily create mobile accessible audio and video content specifically designed for the needs of your patients, meaning they can readily incorporate your content and guidance into a sustainable daily habit. By using music as a modality, we can help you achieve better outcomes for your patients in a cost effective and enjoyable way.

Health Professionals

support patients to improve

Effective, enjoyable, user driven technology that supports improved patient outcomes outside of the clinical setting

share your expertise

We’ll help you create and adapt your content to the MindRazr platform, enabling you to deliver private and specialised content matched to your client’s needs and delivered to their mobile device

real time tracking and measurement

Real time usage reporting and feed-back loops enables health professionals to monitor the effectiveness of their programs and the emotional state of patients.


Wellbeing & Fitness experts

Generate Leads

Connect with individuals and organisations around the world who are using your content to achieve better health outcomes.

Build deep

Reporting tools provide valuable insights into which content is being used, which content is most engaging and which content is most effective. 

share your

We’ll help you adapt your content and message and help you share it with your existing customer or patient base. You can also choose to share it with our growing audience of highly engaged individuals and organisations across the world. 

Grow your

Create your own content using your knowledge and expertise and use your own branding and  profile so that customers can engage with you directly. 



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You know your customers and patients better than anyone. Use your knowledge and expertise to create content specific to their needs and tastes and make it available direct to their mobile device.

We can help you create audio content efficiently and cost effectively that can be updated for your customers and patients in real time.

Keep your customers engaged with you and your services at all times, using the MindRazr platform to help them incorporate your exercises into their daily routine. Make your knowlege and expertise available to them at all times, on demand, without having to spend time and money building products and writing content you won't even be able know if they are using. 


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You control who has access to your content. You can make it available exclusively to your customer base, managing access to it via the MindRazr platform. 

Alternatively you can grow your customer base by making your content visible to individuals around the world, looking to use great content like yours with their own music, as part of their own wellbeing program. 

MindRazr also offers the ability to build new revenue streams from your expertise, without geographic limitations, by making premium content available for purchase and use in the platform.



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Monitor which content is being used, when it is being used and which content is most effective.

Get real, actionable feedback, from people who are actively incorporating your content into their daily lives.

Our cloud based infrastructure also makes it easy to update content that customers are able to access via the app, in real time. 

MindRazr helps your customers and patients get continued benefit from your expertise, even if you aren't with them face to face. Our reporting tools help you understand your customers needs and their engagement with your content, enabling to respond quickly and effectively