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Fully Customizable

Fully Customisable

Everyone has different tastes in music and if you really want to unlock the cognitive and emotional power of music then YOU need to be in control.

Whether you relax to Mozart or Metallica? Workout to a banging bass line or Beethoven. YOU know best and that is why MindRazr is completely user driven. It is all about YOU.

Fits Every Mood

Fits Every Mood

MindRazr has an extensive catalogue of easy to follow self-guided audio and video exercises, with content ranging from stress management to habit modification, high intensity cardio workouts to more subdued mindful movement exercises.

Whatever your need, MindRazr has you covered.

Personal &  Discreet

Personal & Discreet

Select the music and wellbeing exercises to match your mood. Put your headphones in. No one needs to know.

By integrating mindfulness content with your personal music preferences, you can enhance the listening experience and make your music more enjoyable.

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what type of exercises can i expect?

  • Relax and reset combining guided exercises for stress and relaxation with chilled-out tunes
  • Build better habits around sleeping, eating, drinking and even smoking...while listening to music of your choice
  • Get moving at lunchtime (or even at your desk) with interval training workouts paired with electro beats

How Does It Work?



Music should be more than just background noise in the daily grind. MindRazr helps you unlock the cognitive and emotional benefits that can be gained from listening to your favourite music.



Choose from an extensive and ever growing range of exercises for your physical wellbeing ranging from yoga to high intensity interval workouts to help you to build better lifestyle habits.



Music contains our memories and emotions and is one of the most prevalent and enjoyable tools we use to regulate our emotions. Re-connect and re-engage with your favourite music and tap into the cognitive and emotional power that your favourite music holds.


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MindRazr is available on Web, iOS and Android. To get started simply:

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