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our solution

MindRazr is the World's first digital music, health and wellbeing platform, harnessing the power of music to achieve better health outcomes. It combines a comprehensive toolkit of physical and mental self-guided exercises with an integrated cloud-based music streaming platform accessed from an easy-to-use app.

In just a few simple steps, MindRazr creates customised guided audio sessions combining individual music preferences with the correct wellbeing content to meet your needs in the moment.

It’s like having a personal trainer for your mind. Anywhere, anytime.

built on science

MindRazr is built on the latest insights into physical and mental wellbeing, both for individals and within the workplace. MindRazr draws on research into the separate health and wellbeing benefits of music, mindfulness and exercise and uses cutting-edge streaming and mobile technology to allow the user to create a synergy between all three.

Wellbeing exercises when You need it most

Whether your goal is physical fitness, healthy eating,  managing stress and building resilience, or creating more effective mental barriers between home and work.  MindRazr has expert content for your physical and emotional concerns, when and where you need it.

music as an entry point

Whether it’s for relaxation, to re-focus or to get creative juices flowing, music is one of the most common and effective tools we use to manage our mood. MindRazr allows you to unlock the power of your favourite music by combining your personalised music preferences with customised wellbeing content.

Easy to use. Always available.

MindRazr starts and ends with you. In just a few simple steps, the MindRazr platform creates customised guided audio sessions combining your individual music preferences with the correct wellbeing content to meet your needs in the moment.

It’s like having a personal trainer for your mind. Anywhere, anytime.

Complete & customisable.

MindRazr has an extensive, and rapidly growing, catalogue of guided exercises. Choose the combination of exercise and music that works you. Rate and save sessions   that you can use whenever you want. 

Whether you want to stress less, focus better, drink less or exercise more, MindRazr has the perfect session for you. Customising your own health and wellbeing has never been so easy, or sounded so good. 


MindRazr enables you to track your emotional or physical state both before and after sessions you have created, enabling you to not only understand which content works for you in different situations but also helps you to build a picture of your health and wellbeing over time.



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Individual subscribers can create and stream completely unique and personalized sessions. These integrative music experiences are created by YOU, combining guided exercises from our extensive catalogue created by top experts with YOUR favourite music. It's your music...but like you've never heard it before.  

MindRazr works with either your own music from your device, or music streamed from the MindRazr Muzik portal. 


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Organisations can choose from either our off-the-shelf solution or a tailored solution to meet individual corporate objectives. Tailored solutions can include White Labelling with corporate branding as well as company commisioned bespoke content that can also be adapted from existing programs.  

MindRazr can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated into your existing wellbeing offer. Reporting tools help measure employee wellbeing and the effectives of wellbeing programs.


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Health & Wellbeing Professionals can create their own content, to meet the specific needs of their own customers and patients (afterall, you're the expert).

Upload your content to the MindRazr platfrom to make it accessible to those that need it and see how our unique comination of music and technology can help you achieve better outcomes for your customers and patients.