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Able to "white label" app by changing branding and appearance to meet the Schools needs.

Access off-the-shelf content or create your own exercises with the knowlege and expertise of your staff.

Upload audio and video exercises

Create a repository of resources and content making student and staff wellbeing a daily focus.

Create structured programs with electronic reminders and dynamic links to guided exercises

Allow staff and student to access resources and perform exercises in their own time, building customised sessions based on what they want to do and the music they want to listen to

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Music is already the primary tool that adolescents use to regulate their moods, regardless of sex, cultural or socio-economic background.

The power of music to regulate our emotions and to keep us engaged stays with us for the rest of our lives.

MindRazr empowers students to build better and sustainable habits around mental and physical wellbeing by subtly incorporating guided exercises for health and wellbeing into playlists of their chosen music.

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Privacy by design.

Get hard-to get insight into the wellbeing of both students and staff, whilst fully protecint the privacy of users.

Aggregated reports can provide insight into age groupings, year groups, whilst still protecting the anonymity of users, enabling Schools to identify cohorts requiring further attention and analysis directly.

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Student wellbeing

Age appropriate content

Adapt materials from existing wellbeing iniatives and make them into actionable exercises that can be performed on a daily basis while listening to music.

Change content as the needs and challenges of Students changes as they progress through the schooling system

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Staff Wellbeing

Teaching as a professional can be both highly rewarding and highly challenging.

Provide your staff with easily accessible tools to help staff manage their wellbeing

Create customised content with staff input

Workouts for staff to perform at home or lunch.


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Total wellbeing

Covering physical and mental wellbeing...content can be adjusted to suit the schools wellbeing framework.

Whilst off-the-shelf content is secular, religious Schools also have the ability to create non-secular content from their religious education framework to address spiritual wellbeing.

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Why use MindRazr at your school?


MindRazr helps funding allocated to staff and student wellbeing go further.

Schools are able to create a responsive program that caters to the specific needs of their students, creating and distributing content via the platform as needed.


Empower students and staff to improve their wellbeing by prpviding them with tools and resources that enable them to customise their own approach to wellbeing.


Schools are able to utilise mobile and web push notifications where appropriate to improve engagement rates and increase program adherence.


Schools are able to monitor aggregated and anonymised reports from our online portal.

It can be difficult to gauge whether students are actually putting into practice the wellbeing tools and techiques delivered in traditional programs. MindRazr enables schools to monitor in real-time the levels of activity as well as program engagement and effectiveness.