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MindRazr offers a wide range of content that can be customised to suit both student and staff wellbeing programs.

Schools and Universities are also able to adapt and incorporate content from existing wellbeing initiatives, providing greater insight and extending ROI. Articles, videos and other resources can all be stored and accessed alongside the exercises and programs delivered via MindRazr.

Schools and Universities are able to replace all branding and imagery, add or remove modules, create their own categories and exercises and even deliver content in different languages.



Students and staff are able to customise their own programs, combining guided exercises that they want to do with the music they want to hear.

Any wellbeing program is doomed to fail if users don't enage with it. Beyond providing engaging content,  MindRazr also uses a range of tools to keep users engaged including push notifications, in-app notifications and regular emails with dynamic links to recommended sessions. 

MindRazr is even able to deliver structured time-based programs that can be customised by the School or University and with regular push/pull communications to encourage program adherence.



MindRazr provides deep insight into the levels of engagement with the wellbeing program and exercises.

Schools and Universities can see at an aggregate level when the platform is being used (day, time) as well as what the aggregate emotional or physical state of users is both before and after undertaking exercises.

Schools and Universities are even able to drill down to see which exercises and programs are the most effective in helping change particular moods and emotional states. All without infringing the privacy of people using the platform.

What are the benefits?

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Benefits for Students

With exercises to help them focus,  de-stress, build better habits, get fitter and sleep better, MindRazr provides a comprehensive toolkit to help students build sustainable habits to improve their health and wellbeing.

Staff Wellbeing

Benefits for Staff

Working at a University presents its own unique challenges and increasingly Universities recognise that they cannot hope to best meet the needs of their students without first supporting the needs of those that teach and support them.

MindRazr offers a comprehensive toolkit of wellbeing exercises to support staff wellbeing needs, ranging from exercises for stress to low intensity desk-based exercise programs to keep staff moving and healthy during the day.

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Powerful insight into campus wellbeing

MindRazr powerful analytical capabilities allows Universities to analyse self-reported wellbeing measures and program engagement by age, sex, cultural background, campus, faculty or even course.

Universities are also able to leverage the extensive knowledge and skills of staff and students to create their own specialised content in any format to meet the specific needs of the students and staff. Content can also be created in other languages to gain insight into the wellbeing of the international student population. 

MindRazr can also be used as a repository of health services reference material and can also be used to increase take up of other health services by using notifcations to direct staff or students to EAP providers or other health services.

Content can also be uploaded to the MindRazr platform for the exclusive use of customsied to meet the needs of international students, providing a means of engaging with and improving the wellbeing of, international students.

combining technology & data to improve wellbeing


MindRazr represents incredible value for money particularly when assessed against the cost of unnecessary absenteeism and especially when compared to the cost associated with student dropouts. 

For around the cost of a cup of coffee, Universities can provide students and staff with a comprehensive toolkit of exercises to help navigate University life and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Flexible & Scalable

MindRazr aims to support and extend the ROI of previous initiatives wherever possible.

MindRazr is able to host content previously created, becoming a one-stop repository of health and wellbeing exercises and reference material.

MindRazr can also direct users to other University services such as EAP providers or campus counselling services.

Real-time Insight


Being cloud-based means Universities get real time data, providing up to date and on-going insight into program activity, engagement and effectiveness.


Administrators can access the real-time data via the online portal, providing on-going insight into the wellbeing of the University.